The Uplink 4550 includes the latest 4G cellular technology.

The Uplink 4550 includes the latest 4G technology for the best performance and longevity. Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, the 4550 also operates on networks of multiple carriers for maximum geographic coverage and signaling reliability.

The 4550 is designed as a 4G Backup communicator, to be used with a 45VAC transformer, a battery and its built-in charging circuit. It can also be used as a Primary communicator or be powered by a separate 12VDC power source. It features dial-capture for full-event reporting. All major formats are supported for compatibility with virtually all alarm systems and central stations. The Uplink 4550 communicates to Central Stations by dial-up to any industry standard receiver, or over the internet to an IP receiver.

Installation of the Uplink 4550 is remarkably easy with the use of a secure website and unit switch settings. Activation is instant and is available using the dealer website or by a live operator.


  • Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • UL 985,1023, 1635 listed for Household Burg and Fire
  • Backup communications powered from a 16.5VAC/45AC transformer and 1.2AHr backup battery (not included)
  • Also configurable for Primary communications and separate 12VDC power source.
  • Uses dial-capture on an analog dialer for full-event reporting.
  • Supports virtually all security systems and multiple receiver formats. Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa/IIIa2, or Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS) Formats
  • “Out-of-the-box” operation – no special programmer or central station equipment is required
  • Remote on-demand testing for status and signal strength
  • Supports Uplink Remote. No adapter board required.
  • Flat rate billing for improved dealer profitability
  • Login @ uplinkremote.com for remote control

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