ASK-4 #300 is a single zone audio monitoring system designed for direct connection to a DVR, PC soundcard or IP Network Camera. Model IF-1 Interface Adapter (usually mounted near the recording device) receives the wiring from the Verifact A Microphone, supplies power and drives the audio signals into the DVR, IP Network Camera, Video Server or PC Soundcard. The Verifact A is an omni-dirctiona microphone that produces line level output. it can pick up normal sound approximately 15� away all directions. Distance between the Verifact A Microphone and Model IF-1 Interface Adapter maybe up to 1000� using recommended cable. In order to accommodate the various types of audio inputs of the audio receiving device, the IF-1 provides two different types of audio outputs:
  • RCA audio output to a DVR (or other recording devices) with RCA type audio input
  • 3.5mm stereo audio output to a computer soundcard, Video Server or DVR with a 3.5mm stereo jack audio input
  • Verifact Model A Microphone
  • Model IF-1 Audio Interface Adapter
  • Model AD-1 12Vdc power supply
  • Patch cables (RCA and 3.5mm) for connection to the audio inputs of DVR�s, IP Network Cameras, Soundcards, etc. as listed above


  • Omni-directional microphone can pick up normal sounds 15� away or within a 30� diameter circle. 
  • Model IF-1 Audio Interface Adapter provides phantom power to the microphone. 
  • Contains a gain adjust to prevent overdriving of signal into a DVR, soundcard, IP Network Camera, etc.
  • Two types of audio outputs to accomodate most recording devices that accept line level audio input
  • 12Vdc/110V power supply included
  • Connector cables from audio output of IF-1 to audio input of recording device included (not shown)

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