The ASK4 #501 is a single zone audio monitoring system for two-way listen/talkback communication. The remote TLMW  is a wall mounted speaker/microphone that contains an onmi-directional microphone and an 2 1/2� speaker. As part of a complete system audio can be monitored by manually pressing the zone activation switch of the base station. It has input-output to a DVR/VCR for recording and playback. Contains a 3 speaker for monitoring live audio and playback from a DVR/VCR. A 12Vdc power supply is included. For two-way listen/talkback, all Louroe Speaker/Microphones (TLI, TLO, TLM, or TLSP) are compatible.
  • Model TLM-W as Speaker/Microphone
  • Model AP-1TB Audio Base Station
  • Model AD-1 12Vdc power supply
  • Dual RCA cables for connection to DVR/VCR
  • Built-in 3 speaker for monitoring audio.
  • Built-in amplifier for playback from DVR/VCR.
  • Provides two-way listen/talkback using Louroe Speaker/Microphone.
  • Built-in microphone for talkback to remote speaker.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack for private monitoring.
  • Can be desktop or rack mounted
  • Mute function for muting remote station
  • Illuminated zone switches
  • Remote TLI-W has ABS plastic with 2 1/2� 7W speaker and microphone

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