The Uplink CDMA30 is our cost-effective solution for a full event primary cellular communicator. It offers Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa/IIIa2, or Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS) dial-capture, one output and trouble reporting for universal compatibility with almost every alarm system and central station. The Uplink CDMA30 communicates to Central Stations by dial-up to any industry standard receiver, or over the internet to an IP receiver – all with the exceptional service and features you’ve come to expect from Uplink.

  • Primary CDMA Cellular communicator
  • Compatible with CDMA networks. Not subject to a GSM 2G sunset.
  • Uses dial-capture on an analog dialer for full-event reporting.
  • Perfect for residential alarm systems
  • Power from the panel, battery, or other 12V DC power source
  • Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa/IIIa2, or Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS)
  • Instant activation by secure dealer website or live operator and email notifications for instant alerts
  • “Out-of-the-box” operation – no special programmer or central station equipment is required
  • Remote on-demand testing for status and signal strength
  • Live technical and activation support 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday
  • Customizable product marketing services through a simple e-commerce website
  • Flat-rate billing for improved dealer profitability
  • Eligible for Uplink Lifetime Guarantee
  • Supports Uplink Remote. Adapter board required, see 25X0REM.
  • Login at www.uplinkremote.com for remote control

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