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NVR 4 Channel POE 2 SATA



Power switch

Power on/off button.

Power input port

Input DC 12V/5A.

For NVR42 series product only.

Switch power port. Input DC 48//1.04A.

For NVR42-P series product only.

Input AC 100~240V.

For NVR42-8P series product only.


Audio input port

Bidirectional talk input port. It is to receive the analog audio signal output from the devices such as microphone, pickup.


Audio output port

Audio output port. It is to output the analog audio signal to the devices such as the sound box.

  • Bidirectional talk output.
  • Audio output on 1-window video monitor.
  • Audio output on 1-window video playback.


Alarm input port 1~4

  • There are two types; NO (normal open)/NC (normal close).
  • When your alarm input device is using external power, please make sure the device and the NVR have the same ground.


Alarm input ground port.

N1, N2

Alarm output port


  • 2 groups of alarm output ports. (Group 1:port NO1~C1,Group 2:port NO2~C2).Output alarm signal to the alarm device. Please make sure there is power to the external alarm device.
  • NO:Normal open alarm output port.
  • C:Alarm output public end.

C1, C2


RS-485 communication port

RS485_A port. It is the cable A. You can connect to the control devices such as speed dome PTZ.


RS485_B.It is the cable B. You can connect to the control devices such as speed dome PTZ.

Network port

10M/100M/1000Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet port. Connect to the network cable.

  • 0 port

USB2.0 port. Connect to mouse, USB storage device, USB burner and etc.


RS-232 debug COM.

It is for general COM debug to configure IP address or transfer transparent COM data.


High Definition Media Interface

High definition audio and video signal output port. It transmits uncompressed high definition video and multiple-channel data to the HDMI port of the display device. HDMI version is 1.4.


VGA video output port

VGA video output port. Output analog video signal. It can connect to the monitor to view analog video.



Bult-in Switch. Support PoE.

The 4 PoE series product supports total 48V 50W.

The 8 PoE series product supports total 48V 120W. One PoE port max supports 15W.

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