Most homes today have multiple lights, dimmers and switches. Lighting control provides convenience, cost savings and extra security. URCs Vivido series delivers the most vivid wireless RF lighting available. If you’re looking for brilliant style and design, no other brand outshines Vivido!

Vivido Dimmers are great for both new and existing homes and can be married with URCs Total Control system to give you the best lighting control throughout the house. Control every light from our compatible remotes, keypads and your own smart devices. Vivido dimmers provide many options and you can easily dim virtually any kind of dimmable household light bulb.

Using dimmers saves money by reducing energy consumption and dramatically extending bulb life. In circuits where a light is controlled by more than one dimmer, one Vivido Master Dimmer and the appropriate number of Accessory Dimmers (maximum five) must be installed. No traveler wire necessary.

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