Within the ALETS solution, emergency alerts can be declared in two manners, via a four digit code or the detection of a gunshot by our GDC-IoT module.  If an emergency alert is triggered in either manner, all connected cameras take a picture of the site.  ALETS then sends them to the ALETS cloud.  Within 20 seconds of receiving the report of possible    gunshots fired, the cloud sends a secure link to  local Law Enforcement.  This link includes         information already on file in the cloud, such as floor plan, employees on the clock, site GPS   coordinates and contact information, as well as new information such as if gunshots were detected and images from the onsite cameras.   
Dispatchers can quickly decide how to respond by sending the secure link to the Law Enforcement in route.  This will provide them with an up to the    minute report of the emergency alert and have  pictures of the situation in progress, making it    easier for them to identify how to contain 
and neutralize the situation.  

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