GEM-RECV32 Wirless Reciever for 32 Zone

GEM-RECV32 Wirless Reciever for 32 Zone


Napco- GEM-RECV-32- 32 Point Crystal-Control Gemini RF Receiver.

Napco's crystal-controll Gemini wireless products have been proven by an independant testing laboratory to outperform competitive products, with long-range RF reliability, as much at 50% higher than other top brands.

The wireless system comprises a compatible GEM-Series control panel, at least one GEM-RECV receiver and one or more companion GEM-Series transmitters. 

GEM-RECV Series receivers are the hardwired interface to Napco's Wireless-Ready™ Control Panels. This GEM-RECV-32 will allow 32 Wireless Receivers to be added to your Napco Gemini Security Panel. 



  • Dual Diversity antennas minimize nulls & enhance reliability

  • Tamper- and RF- jamming supervision

  • Separate programmable supervisory times by device type

  • Audible fault-find mode in walk test

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