Open the door to a place where comfort, safety, and peace of mind come together with all the fun things in life in one system. This high-quality, power-packed hub (combined with the separate remote control and mobile app), puts everything at home in your hands. HomeSet is the place where security and control of everyday things come together into one simple, intelligent system. Installed by you, the security pro, your customers will gain control of their TV, audio, lights, door locks, temperature and cameras using a smartphone, tablet or remote control.

Your HomeSet C100 Control Hub lets you easily control and automate electronic components in your home (audio/video and home entertainment devices such as lights, thermostats, security systems and more) to make life more enjoyable. The hub does this by sending coded infrared and Ethernet commands wirelessly or wired using wires installed by your smart home professional. In the majority of installations, this hub functions with little or no interaction from you, the homeowner/system user. Please read and observe all precautions in this manual. By using the HomeSet Mobile Android or iOS app on your smartphone or tablet with the HomeSet hub, you gain two-way control of your connected devices. “Two-way” means that in addition to data being sent to an electronic component (such as a Nest Thermostat), data is also returned to your phone/tablet so you can see graphical information of current status, including “What’s Playing,” volume, and more. Adding a handheld R100 Remote Control to the system provides the same two-way feature. It’s also possible to expand control to other rooms or areas of your home. Multiple C100 Hubs can be installed in up to eight rooms using the same local network used for your home’s internet access.

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