ipDatatel’s Cellular Broadband Alarm Transceiver - CDMA ("Cellular BAT-CDMA" or "Product") is a multi-path Cellular radio and wired internet connected alarm panel transceiver. The Product transmits alarms over broadband Internet via hardwired RJ45 Ethernet connection or via Verizon’s Cellular CDMA network. The Cellular BAT-CDMA is compatible with any alarm control panel that transmits Contact ID (CID) format from its digital dialer communicator. The Product also connects to the Keypad Bus of compatible alarm control panels (Honeywell, DSC, and GE NetworX) to provide additional interactive services. The end user has virtual keypad access via smartphone and the web, as well as alarm monitoring notifications via text, email, and computerized voice call. ipDatatel’s proprietary uDownloader software enables remote management of Honeywell, DSC, and GE NetworX alarm panels that are connected to the Cellular BAT-CDMA, Wifi BAT, and BAT products.


Key Features


Broadband Internet Connectivity The Cellular BAT-CDMA technology replaces outdated conventional phone lines to provide high-speed IP alarm monitoring transmissions over the Internet. By capturing the data transmission from the alarm control’s digital dialer output, the Product emulates an alarm receiver. The Product also resolves the communication problems that VOIP services create that chop up alarm signal transmissions. IP Alarm transmissions are made using Contact ID format and can be sent to your alarm receiver via landline, or can be transmitted directly by IP to your central station. 

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