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IR Repeater Kit

  • 6 IR emitter jacks, 1 IR receiver jack
  • Control up to 12 devices ( expandable to 18 with triple eye emitters)
  • Work with single/dual/triple eye emitters
  • Detachable IR Receiver input connector.

Kit Includes:

  • IR Connecting Block
  • IR Receiver
  • Dual IR Emitter x2
  • Power Supply

This IR Extender Kit is the perfect way to simplify the way in which you control your Home Entertainment system. Many of today's Home Theatre / Hi-Fi systems are set up with some of the equipment (DVD Player, Amplifier / Receiver etc) out of the way, eg: in a cupboard / cabinet, at the rear of the room, behind the couch, etc.The problem this causes is that if you want to control these devices with a remote control, you have to open the cupboard door, or point the remote control behind you, or something equally as annoying. This IR kit allows you to point all your remote controls forwards (eg: at the TV), and not worry about where each device is located.

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