Set up four 1080p HD cameras inside your home or office and add another four at a later time. Record up to 2TB of footage to an internal hard drive, and upgrade at a later time to up to 12TB of storage space. This Vivotek Bundle includes the ND8322P NVR with a 2TB HDD built-in, and fourFD8169 indoor dome cameras that capture up to 1920 x 1080 HD resolution at 30 fps. Both the NVR and cameras support Power-over-Ethernet, so connect the cameras into the NVR via Ethernet cables and forego any additional power supply units.

The NVR offers a simple plug-and-play auto setup, so you'll get to save a lot of time and effort at start-up. It also features a fanless design, so expect a quiet device. View up to 8 channels live, 1 channel local playback, and 4 channels of remote synchronous playback. (The dewarp function from fisheye cameras is not supported in live view.)

The cameras are capable of streaming three simultaneous signals in H.264 and MJPEG codecs with adjustable resolution, quality, and bit rate. They feature approximately 50 ft of night vision, a microSD card slot for on-board storage, noise reduction for a cleaner image, wide dynamic range for enhanced visibility in extremely bright and dark environments, and a safety technology called Smart IR that prevents overexposure.

This Bundle Includes:

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