DH-PFM889 series of Dahua enterprise -class wireless AP coverage series, mainly located in the indoor enterprise -class wireless APwireless coverage devices, applications for cameras, mobile phones, computers and other wireless terminal equipment to create local wireless private network or public network Of the routing bridge.

DH-PFM889 series Dahua enterprise-class wireless AP is different from civil grade router, its wide temperature working environment up to -30 ? ~ 60 ?, access terminals up to 80 points, the IEEE802.11 a / n / a or IEEE802.11 b / g / n. The maximum bandwidth of up to 1G, and can access UOB wireless AC management platform to facilitate the unified management of the network, follow-up software upgrades can be additional information such as value-added push function.

Application positioning video + wireless terminal composite use, client PC and mobile phone wireless office to solve the front-end camera wireless access.

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