Seagate's 6TB Surveillance SATA III 3.5" Internal HDD stores up to 6TB of videos and comes with features that are designed for video surveillance storage systems. Seagate has built this drive to record high-definition media in 24 x 7 environments. The drive supports up to 64 cameras and systems that use over eight drives. It occupies a 3.5" drive bay and connects via a SATA interface. In addition, it's built with 128MB of cache memory and delivers transfer speeds of up to 226 MB/s.

Surveillance-optimized hard drive that is precision-tuned for high write workloads operating 24 x 7
Supports up to 64 cameras and 8+ drives per system
Engineered for workloads of 180TB/year, three times that of desktop drives
Low power consumption and startup current to minimize heat and vibration emission, improving long-term drive reliability
Customizable power settings for incremental savings during system downtime without compromising time to record
Tarnish-resistant components help protect drive from environmental elements
Reliable performance in multi-drive systems with support from RV sensors

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