TANE-60QCHS-WH Quick Connect Surface Contact

TANE-60QCHS-WH Quick Connect Surface Contact


These are High End, HIGH SECURITY Contacts

The High Security Field is created by balancing the external and internal magnetic fields. 
Attempting to bring an external magnet to defeat the security switch triggers the alarm.

These are sold in bags of 10. Available in white only.

GAP: 3/4" minimum
Colors: White, Brown 
Carry Current: 1 Amp
Reed: De-activated Rhodium
Dimensions: L: 2" x H: 3/8" x W: 1/4"

-Screw Down or Super Adhesive 
-Break Away Features for Tight Fit 
-Slim Style and Installer Easy 
-Eliminates Need for 6' or 10' Leads 
-TANE-60 Q.C. includes: Screws, Super Adhesive, breakaway mounting holes, & tape cover

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