US-C3-400 Pro

US-C3-400 Pro


Product Code: US-C3-400 Pro
Shipping Weight: 5lbs
Manufactured by: ZKAccess

InBio Pro Series is a project oriented high-end product line with unique features such as embedded fingerprint verification and advanced access control functions, which can be managed by TCP/IP communication thru LAN or WAN networks. In combination with the FR1500-ID RS485 reader, the panels can authenticate users under multiple verification modes such as fingerprint and card for a higher security level.


The InBio Pro Series requires our NEW ZKBioSecurity web-based software.


The InBio-160 Pro Bundle includes an InBio-160 Pro controller, power supply and metal enclosure


Be sure to inquire about ZKAccess options which can further reduce your InBio Pro installation time and labor, including:


1) Power over Ethernet (12V 2A)

2) InBridge Server (Single-purpose management appliance with pre-loaded software)

3) Wireless Bridge (up to 300-foot range)

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