5 MegaPixel Indoor/OutdoorWDR IP Turret Camera with 10 IR LED Illumination

Vitek's new VTD-TND5RFS and VTD-TND5RFS-2 5 MegaPixel IP Dome Cameras have 16 IR LEDs for illumination even in total dark. The Vitek Transcendent Cameras have Intelligent analytic features, including

Facial Detection: Security personnel can find out who entered/left the restricted area and at what time

Object Removal(Museum Search): Sends notifications if an existing object is missing from the camera's view for a period of time

Line Crossing: NVR begins recording and an alert is sent when a line is crossed. Ideal for property monitoring.

Other Fully Programmable Intelligent Analytics include Exception, Area Intrusion, People Counting, People Intrusion, and Crowd Density Monitoring

Get the most out of VTD-TND5RFS and VTD-TND5RFS-2 when configured with VITEK Transcendent NVRs VT-TNR1616F and VT-TNR3216PF

Available Models

VTD-TND5RFS 5 Megapixel IP Dome Camera with 3.6 mm Fixed Iris Lens

VTD-TND5RFS-2 5 Megapixel IP Dome Camera with 2.8 mm Fixed Iris Lens

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